To assist you in understanding how the testing process works, we put together the following topics.  As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]  We’re here to help!

What order will my courses be sent in?

  • Courses are randomly generated and sent by the University’s computer system.  If you have a request to complete a particular course first, please contact the Testing Department.

How do I know I received the right course? 

  • Always double-check that the course you received is part of your Degree Plan.  To check, go to; log into Coast Connection; and click on Degree Plan

How many courses should I receive? 

  • One course is sent at a time.  When the grade is recorded for the course, you will be sent the next course.  You may have a maximum of four courses out at any one time.

Do I have to get my textbook through THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY | Higher Education Foundation ? 

  • You do not need to rent your textbooks through THEAU Rental library.  However, the library maintains the correct edition for all current courses.

Before I start my examination, what should I look for?

  • Once you have your exam and the textbook, make sure that you are using the correct textbook for the course.  All test questions are based on a specific edition of the textbook.  For this reason, check the ISBN number on your book and make sure it matches the one on the cover of the exam.

What if the revision date on the test and the revision date on the answer sheet do not match? 

  • If the revision date on your answer sheet and exam do not match, correct the date on the answer sheet to match the date on the exam, using a red pen.  If you make
    a correction to the date on your answer sheet, do not fax your test to us for grading.  Instead, you will need to mail it.

I used a pen on my answer sheet, and I want to change an answer.  How should I do that? 

  • Use white-out to completely cover the answer you wish to change, and then enter the correct answer.  You will then need to mail your exam for grading.

When I am completing my examination, what if I can’t find material in the textbook to answer a test question? 

  • First, double check the ISBN number of the textbook you are using and make sure that it is the right text for the course.  If so, check the index and glossary to help you locate the material.  If the material is not included in the text, you may challenge the question by using the procedure described in the Challenging Examination Items section.

How do I submit my exams? 

  • Multiple Choice Exams may be submitted by fax, mail or on-line.  As faxed exams can be distorted, resulting in errors in grading, we recommend submitting Unit Exams and Challenge Exams on-line.  Go to edu; log into Coast Connection; and click on Testing to submit your exam.

What if I’m not sure that my fax went through? 

  • If you faxed an exam, please allow 24 to 48 hours for grading and posting your grade.  If your grade does not appear, you can then re-fax your exam to the University.

How long will it take for me to find out my grade on an examination? 

  • The University uses a computerized grading system, and exams are processed on a daily basis.  After your exam is scored, your grade report will be mailed or emailed to you.  If you do not receive your test results within two weeks (or three weeks if you challenged exam items), you may contact us and we will send you a duplicate grade report.

Can I check my grades on-line? 

  • You may check their grades on-line.  Go to; log into Coast Connection; and click on Degree Plan to view your grades.

Can I get my test results by phone? 

  • To ensure privacy, students requesting grades by telephone will need to provide additional identifying information.

Can I get feedback on the test items I missed? 

  • Feedback will be provided in the form of grade reports and essay evaluations.  Challenge Exam grade reports contain the letter grade only and do not include missed items.

Why do I need to have a proctor for my final exam?

  • A proctor is there to confirm that you are indeed the person taking the exam. Proctors can be any reputable person other than an immediate family member, someone that resides with you, or a current/former student of the University. Your final Examination will be sent to your proctor using the same method in which you receive coursework. If you are unable to complete your Final Exam in one sitting, then your proctor must keep all testing materials until your next session. Once your Final Exam is complete, your proctor must sign his or her name at the bottom of your answer sheet.

When will I get my Final Exam?

Final Exams are not automatically sent; they must be requested by the student. Once your four Unit Examinations have been graded and posted to your online Degree Plan and all Writing Assignments have been received by the University, then your Final Examination request will be processed. You can request your Final by filling out the Final Exam Scheduling Form (last page in your study guide), or logging into Coast Connection and using the form located under the Testing link. Hard copy Final Exam Scheduling Forms can be mailed to the University.

What if I do not do well on an examination?

  • After a Unit Exam grade has been posted, students have the option of repeating the Unit Exam to achieve a better grade.  Each Unit Exam within a course may only be repeated once. For additional information on this option, please contact the Testing Department.

How do I contact the Testing Department?

  • If you have comments or questions about testing, you may contact us by phone, fax, or email. The Testing Department is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.